Spillways: The Future of Secure and Anonymous Payments

2 min readApr 8, 2023


In today’s evolving financial web3 and blockchain landscape, privacy and financial freedom are facing numerous threats. Spillways believes that privacy is a fundamental right and a key aspect of financial freedom and digital security. As such, Spillways was created to solve the privacy issues plaguing blockchain and financial services. The Spillways protocol offers a comprehensive privacy ecosystem and aims to be the leading privacy solution in the crypto space.

They are committed to solving the problem related to privacy being infringed upon in Blockchain. Currently, transactions can be traced which can comprise an individual’s security. Through their suite of products and services, they mitigate the present risks related to your personal data and transaction details. The Spillways Ecosystem supports all major chains and will keep expanding to offer maximum privacy to all our users.

Among their industry-leading products, you will find the following:

PrivateEVM, a layer-2 privacy solution. Spillways p(EVM) utilizes advanced cryptography techniques to ensure the confidentiality of transaction data. Their chain offers Zero-Knowledge proofs, multi-factor authentication, fast transactions and low fees.

Multi-Chain Mixer (ETH & USDC) built on improved Tornado Cash code and supports 10+ chains. All at a nominal fee of 1%. Cross-Chain mixing is already in development.

Non-KYC Card Credit Card service that can generate anonymous virtual Visa or Mastercard, soon with 3D-secure support. Use your ETH, BNB and soon multiple other cryptos for daily purchases. There is also support for Apple Pay and Google Pay, depending on the country.

DAO-Voting allows members to vote and propose changes to the protocol using $SPD on our autonomous DAO platform. Community governance is an integral part of the Spillways ecosystem.

A Browser Wallet is also in development, with integrated ZK functionality, security layer and Spillways dApp features.

Their future is bright, with various yet-to-be-released products in development such as a Visa Card Top-Up, Escrow Platform, Privacy Stablecoin, Mobile Application, and a Tornado-Stuck-Note Collector. The team’s roadmap is set with key enhancements and catalysts. The Spillways developer and team are committed to offering a secure and superior product eclipsing any currently available competitor on the market. Spillways is pushing anonymous payment technology into the future, all while being legally compliant.


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The Spillways protocol offers a comprehensive privacy ecosystem and aims to be the leading privacy solution in the crypto space. https://linktr.ee/spillways