Spillways: Breaking Free from Gas Fees with a Revolutionary Private Chain

2 min readNov 10



In the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain technology, Spillways emerges as a pioneer by breaking free from the traditional gas fee model that burdens most chains. Unlike Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) chains that rely on miners and validators, Spillways introduces a groundbreaking approach that not only eliminates gas fees but also rewards its dedicated stakers.

The Gas-Free Advantage

Gas fees have been a persistent pain point for users across various blockchain networks. Spillways, however, takes a bold step towards eliminating this hurdle by introducing a private chain that operates entirely gas-free. No longer will users have to worry about the unpredictable and often high fees associated with their transactions.

Stakers as Node Detainers

In a move that sets Spillways apart, only stakers with holdings exceeding one million Spillways tokens are eligible to detain a node. These nodes can then be run at no cost on platforms like AWS, utilizing free-tier servers. This innovative approach not only ensures the sustainability of the network but also incentivizes token holders to actively participate in securing the Spillways ecosystem.

Remuneration through the Bridge

To further sweeten the deal for stakers, Spillways introduces a unique revenue-sharing mechanism through its bridge. The bridge, which facilitates seamless transactions between the Spillways private chain and external networks, imposes a modest 0.25% tax on the volume flowing in and out of the chain. The collected fees contribute to the remuneration of stakers running nodes, creating a self-sustaining ecosystem.

A Win-Win for Users and Stakers

This revolutionary model not only provides users with a gas-free transaction experience but also transforms stakers into active participants in the network’s growth. Stakers are not only relieved from the burden of operating costs but are also rewarded through a share in the revenue generated by the bridge.

Closing Notes

In a world where blockchain users are seeking efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability, Spillways emerges as a beacon of innovation. By redefining the economics of blockchain operation, Spillways paves the way for a future where gas fees are no longer a barrier, and stakers play a pivotal role in the success of the network. Join the gas-free revolution with Spillways and experience a blockchain ecosystem that truly prioritizes the interests of its users and stakeholders alike.




The Spillways protocol offers a comprehensive privacy ecosystem and aims to be the leading privacy solution in the crypto space. https://linktr.ee/spillways